Cocktail Calculator

How to use this calculator

1. Input the number of people attending your event that plan on drinking

2. Select the Category of drinks you would like to serve

    Basic: simple mixed drinks with 2-3 ingredients that you'd see at most parties. Examples: vodka soda, margarita, screwdriver

    Standard: slightly more complex drinks that you likely know, but may not know how to make. Examples: manhattan, martini, moscow mule

    Craft: complex drinks with a more ingredients that take a bit more skill and time. Examples: mai tai, tom collins, pencillin

3. Click Generate List or View Printable List to get a suggested shopping list

Keep in mind that this is not a custom list to your event or guests. Tastes and preferences may differ, so you may want to purchase more or less of certain items. Don't forget the ice, cups, straws, and napkins. Cheers!