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What is Cocktail Boys?

Cocktail Boys is a butler and party hosting service located in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC.

Wait... What does that mean?

Our Boys are at your service—we'll serve you drinks and refreshments, BBQ, take pictures (or pose with you), be Spotify DJs, help with party/drinking games, keep the party area tidy, keep you company (or stay out of the way, that's up to you), and take out the trash when we leave.

Are you in any other cities?

In Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Orange County, we call ourselves the Cabana Boys. In Austin and Nashville, we’re the Cocktail CowBoys,.

Can we party with the Boys on the beach?

You sure can! Our Boys can throw a great beach party. We don't provide any rental services for umbrellas, coolers, etc, but we can set them up and move them around for you. Just be sure to select the Beach option when booking your party. Available in Savannah and Tybee Island only.

Do we need a pool?

No pool? No problem! While a pool is a great way to beat the heat, our Boys come prepared with game and activity ideas that can be played on dry land.

Who are these Cocktail Boys you speak of?

Our Boys are hand-picked, upstanding gentlemen who have been selected for their good looks, charm, hospitality, and ability to make your day special. They are all thoroughly vetted, licensed, background checked, and insured.

What will they wear?

When in the city, Our Boys will arrive in a sharp black polo and khaki shorts. At the beach, we’ll sport a white tank top and colorful swim trunks. If you have a special request for our outfit, we'll do our best to accommodate but may ask that you purchase the requested garments.

Can I request a specific Boy?

You sure can! But, because our Boys are in high demand, fulfillment is dependent on availability. We’ll do our best to accommodate, but don't worry, all of our Boys provide top-notch service. You will find out who your Boys are on the day of your party.

I'm hosting a girls' weekend. Is that an okay event?

We are perfect for bachelorette and birthday parties, girls’ weekends, book clubs, divorce parties, etc.

What do the Boys bring?

The Boys will arrive with a speaker, cocktail shaker, tons of game ideas, and a couple surprises for the guest of honor and everyone else at the party. We don’t provide any alcohol or other party supplies, nor will we be able to pick up anything on the way or during your party.

What do I need to provide?

We recommend having ample drinks, mixers, other refreshments, solo cups, and tons of ice on hand, as we provide the service only. If there are any specific games or activities you'd like to play or do that require physical supplies, have those ready to roll too.

Are there any special services he can provide?

Let your imagination run wild! The primary reason our Boys are there is to make your special day stress-free. If that means that the bachelorette/birthday girl should never have an empty glass, so be it. Or maybe she doesn't want to walk; we can offer piggyback rides. If you're unsure, just ask! Our Boys will do anything they're comfortable with, so they may turn down certain activities.

What about "special" services?

Nope, sorry! We are not an adult entertainment service and don't intend to be. Our Boys have been instructed to keep their bottoms on and refrain from dancing suggestively.

Sounds amazing! How much is it?

Pricing is dependent on location. Please check the location pages for more details.

Does the price include tip?

Tips are greatly appreciated! You can add gratuity at time of booking and/or tip day-of via cash or Venmo.

You don’t have the day/time I want, what should I do?

Due to high demand, we may not be able to accommodate everyone. But, we do regularly have time slots open up as we get closer to the party date. Join our waitlist (found on our Book page), and we’ll be in touch 2-3 weeks ahead of the party if we have space. We appreciate your patience!

Can we hire just one Boy?

We always send two Boys for the optimal party experience. We recommend hiring three Boys for parties over 18 people.

Can we book longer than 2 hours?

Yes! We offer 2-, 3-, and 4-hour parties. If you book a certain duration but are having a blast and want to extend the party, talk to your Boys. Extensions are paid to our company Venmo account.

What if I change my mind and need to cancel?

We understand that plans change, so we do have a cancellation policy in place. If you need to change the day/time of your booking, contact our team. If you want to cancel completely, we’ll refund 100% of your money if done so with 10 days' notice. If you cancel within 10 days, we'll refund 50%. For all bookings made April 24, 2023 or after, customers will receive a full, 100% refund with at least 30 days advance notice ahead of the event. If you cancel with at least 10 days notice before the party, we'll refund 50%. All parties are non-refundable with 10 days or less notice.

What is your COVID policy?

You can request for our Boys to wear masks if you’d like to. You can also request vaccinated Boys, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this.

Are you LGBTQ-friendly?

Absolutely! We'd love to help everyone celebrate.

We're looking for a more traditional bartending service. Is there someone you'd recommend?

We're not everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay! For traditional bartending, we recommend The Cocktail Crew

I have more questions; what should I do?

Get in touch! Contact us. Our Terms page has some legal info as well.